The American Craftsman: Vintage Details & Grace

The San Gabriel Valley is home to many historical homes and architectural styles, from the Beaux-Arts Masonic Temple, to the luxurious & modern Montana in the heart of Pasadena, to the Gamble House, one of the finest examples of early 20th-century American Arts & Crafts-style architecture.

Built by David & Mary Gamble of Procter & Gamble, their home is a National Historic Landmark, now serving as a museum and special events space. However, the Arts & Crafts Movement was not reserved only for grand estates. Just a couple miles east from the Gamble house is Pasadena’s Historic Bungalow Heaven Landmark District, a 16-block area filled with the historic bungalows exemplifying the Craftsman-style home owned by the middle-class families of the era. 

Developed out of the European movement, the American Arts & Crafts movement emphasized hard work, quality and elegance, typically incorporating handcrafted wood, glass and metal work. Below are a few of our recent Craftsman homes listings.


Historic 1913 Altadena Treasure
1159 E. Altadena Drive, ALTADENA | $1,750,000



Two-on-a-lot…Charm, Comfort and Character in South Pasadena
1421 & 1423 Rollin Street, SOUTH PASADENA | $1,395,000



Gracious 1925 Craftsman
1171 E. Mendocino Street, ALTADENA | $1,200,000


1276 N. Michigan

1910 Craftsman Airplane Bungalow
1276 N. Michigan Avenue, PASADENA | $979,000



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