Podley Properties Holds Top Producer Panels in Monrovia

TP Panel 5Podley Properties recently held two Top Producer panels in Monrovia. The first was on July 15th, and moderated by General Manager Crystal Narramore. “Making Your Real Estate Business A Reality,” featured former Rookies of the Year Jessica Cardenas, Colette Dorn and Jack Harriman. These three associates started with Podley Properties as rookie agents and quickly gained the momentum to become top producers in their first full year. They presented great ideas and inspiration on how they gave a kick-start to their real estate businesses.

A second panel, “Getting To & Being At The Listing Table,” was held on August 5th and moderated by Randy Abrams, Manager of the Monrovia and Glendora offices. The panel members included Regina DaVanzo, Jeannie Garr Roddy, Rana Madain and Jim Rock. As veterans in the business, they were open and candid about sharing their experiences. They were very diverse in their styles proving that there are many faces to success.


Podley Properties strives to create a learning experience that is meaningful for Associates at all levels and takes pride in its distinctive position as one of the oldest and largest independently owned, non-affiliated real estate firms in the San Gabriel Valley and Foothills.

TP Panel 6
L to R: Jessica Cardenas, Jack Harriman & Colette Dorn
TP Panel 2
L to R: Jeannie Garr Roddy, Rana Madain, Regina DaVanzo & Jim Rock

















Thank you to the Podley Properties Top Producer Panels Participants!


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