A Special Announcement From Bill Podley


To Our Friends, Colleagues, and Community Members,

For some time I’ve been thinking about the title I’ve held since 2009 – and proudly so, I might add – President, Podley Properties. The reality, however, is that in recent years our wonderful management team has overseen the day to day operations as well as the long range planning of our firm. Thus, I have concluded the time has come to more formally acknowledge that our General Manager, Crystal Narramore, has earned the title of president and, as a result, I am taking the title of chairman of our company.

I’m so grateful for Crystal’s passion and commitment to Podley Properties as our General Manager since 2011 and, while nothing will change in terms of operations, her becoming president will better reflect both internally and externally her leadership role as we continue to grow our company and its services to our associates and, in turn, the clients we are privileged to represent. To be sure, I’m not retiring. However, I recognize that because we are in such capable hands with CFO George Chenault, Operations Manager David Podley, and Branch Managers Ed Afsharian, Randy Abrams, and Richard Mueller working alongside Crystal, the time is right to make this change, which officially took place on December 1st.
To all who are reading this message, you have my most sincere thanks for your ongoing support of our associates, management team, and staff.  

With deep appreciation and a warm wish to you and yours for a blessed holiday season and fulfilling year ahead,


Bill Podley


First level, L to R: Ed Afsharian, Crystal Narramore, Richard Mueller, Bill Podley
On the Stairs: David Podley, George Chenault, Randy Abrams


Posted on December 19, 2016 at 2:20 pm
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