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Join Pasadena Heritage for their 2017 Spring Home Tour, Modern Works: Homes of Pasadena Architects. Pasadena is a city famous for its remarkable collection of architecture, spanning decades from Victorian to Modern. This year’s Spring Home Tour will touch on Postwar years with large hyper-contemporary and experimental home designs, many of which overlook the Arroyo. From Mid-Century to late modern, guests will tour multiple architect-designed private homes constructed after 1945. This is a “drive yourself” tour featuring examples of Pasadena’s great architects and their private residences with experienced docents providing guided tours at each location. Below is a list of the houses included on the tour.


Case Study House #10

Kemper Nomland, Jr. designed the Case Study House #10 in 1947. The Case Study House Program, initiated by “Arts and Architecture” magazine in 1945 remains one of America’s most significant contribution to mid-century architecture.

Frank Thomas House

Theodore Criley, Jr. designed the Frank Thomas House in 1949. Thomas worked closely with the architect to create a house that is warm and friendly, where convenience and practicality are of prime importance. The living room is spacious and filled with light as it relates effortlessly with its surroundings.

Arroyo del Rey

Buff and Hensman designed the Arroyo del Rey in 1979. This house sits on almost two acres in the Arroyo Seco. Furthermore, this unique setting under the bridge is hidden away in nature. The design is more rustic and wild than manicured and refined.

Hamlin House

Buff and Hensman designed the Hamlin House in 1983. An excellent example of the firm’s response to Title 24 energy requirements from the 1970’s and how that directed their creative designs in the later years.

DeLong House

A home James DeLong designed for his parents in 1951. It is the cover of the 1959 “House Beautiful” magazine. The cover demonstrates admirably how little spaces can be made to seem like big spaces, when treated in the Frank Lloyd Wright architectural way.

Belle Grove Apartments

Harold Bissner, Sr., Harold Bissner, Jr., and James Resh designed and built the Belle Grove Apartments between 1956 and 1958. Unit 861 is part of the last of the three building designed by Resh in International Style of Modern architecture. All three buildings have a pronounced Asian influence in their execution. The Belle Grove Apartments were designated a Pasadena Landmark in December 2014.


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